Mega trend
By 2003, 95 percent of Global 2000 firms will deploy a content
management infrastructure to regain control of Web content and associated
costs. In 2001, the content management landscape began to focus on
application servers, leading to integrated content frameworks by 2003/04
that provide content/media management, portal frameworks, wireless services,
process automation, personalization, and commerce capabilities.

Emerging trends
Although enterprise-level digital asset
management (DAM) systems support all media types (e.g., audio, text, video,
image, animation), there is a divergence of primary focus with many of these
systems. A division exists between static (still) and moving (video) images
inopportune loans as well as between production and archival systems. Although specialization
will continue among smaller, less-enterprise-centric players, we believe the
major players (e.g.,

ImageDirector) will continue to add features, evening out their
offerings. European vendors are also emerging as a growing segment in the
video/new media side. We believe they will also broaden their features by
2003/04, evolving to better, well-rounded offerings, enabling their
participation in the enterprise arena.

consolidation begins

Market consolidation began in late
2001, as Web content management companies and enterprise content management
companies looked to round out their offerings by strengthening their
multimedia management capabilities. By 2004/05, we believe DAM systems will
cease to exist isophotes loans as a separate product category because DAM functionality will
be subsumed by other content management systems (such as those from
Documentum or Interwoven). We also believe vendor offerings will bifurcate
as they develop departmental offerings to tackle the lighter multimedia
requirements of many Global 2000 companies. This will also be offset by
departmental DAM vendors moving into “light” enterprise space.

Paralleling the aforementioned trend is the
growth of DAM systems across such horizontal applications as advertising and
e-learning. These applications are well-served by DAM systems, because they
often use rich media and content is often repurposed and reused.

integration with content creation tools

Although a handful of vendors dominate
the content creation space, two major
players (Avid, Quark)
are closed systems. (Other content creation applications such as
Illustratorprovide open integration.) Enterprise
vendors must also have native Macintosh support
because much creative content is still produced on this platform. In the
past, many DAM vendors have treated Macintosh clients suboptimally (not so
ImageDirectorby Imagimation), causing slower adoption rates on the production
side. By 2003, all clients will be treated equally by the successful DAM

More workflow features: Workflow has often
been ignored or treated superficially by DAM systems. We sparkling loans believe this will
change by 2003, as more detailed workflow systems emerge. Features will
include workflow metadata, specified by users, as well as system-generated
metadata. Integration preobserved loans into separate workflow systems will be another easily
implemented feature. Project workflows (i.e., project-specific) and project
management will also play a more prominent role.

Although enterprise DAM systems (such as
those from Artesia, Ascential, eMotion, and North Plains) can support the
rich media assets (e.g., video, audio, animation, high-resolution images) of
most Global 2000 firms, they lack the robust infrastructure necessary to
support enterprise-level asset management of global media and entertainment


Companies should deploy digital asset management systems as part of their
overall content management strategy, thereby increasing production
efficiencies and saving money.

Bottom line
Given the continued increase in the use of multimedia files, companies
should use (or continue to use) digital asset management systems to manage
and distribute (unstructured) multimedia content.



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